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Three Easy Steps to Get Started

In order to offer the highest level of coaching and personal attention, every individual that begins at CrossFit San Mateo Team Elite goes through a specific process to becoming a member. Our training pipeline ensures maximum success, regardless of your background.


Initial Consult  Schedule a one hour session with one of our coaches and we’ll discuss how our methods will put you on the fast track towards achieving your goals in health and fitness. During your initial consult, we’ll discuss which of our programs best suit your goals; personal training, group class or personalized programming.

Don’t see a time on our Schedule that works for you? Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.


Complete Foundations. If you choose group classes, we require our Foundations program first. Sprinting, lifting and all other methods of physical training require proper technique first and foremost before applying intensity. We require a minimum of ten sessions to properly evaluate and prepare each individual. We teach the basics to proper movement,  nutrition,  injury prevention and treatment while tailoring each class to the athletes specific needs. Foundation class sizes are purposely limited to 1, 2 or 3 clients at a time to give each individual maximum attention. 



Start Training. Choose one of your coaches programs. Each program meets at the same days and times every week (ex. MWFr 6am).  This means you will have the same coach, same schedule, same team every week.  Why?  Because with consistency and reliability comes RESULTS.  Being part of an exclusive training group means your coach will know you- your goals, strengths, your weaknesses, and your excuses.  Your coach and class will be your motivation, accountability, encouragement, and your foundation.

Foundations Test Out: If you are a current CrossFitter and would like to join our community you may “test out” of our Foundations Program. You must have been CrossFitting for at least 1 year at a CrossFit affiliate. The Test Assessment out is a one hour service. This session is scheduled with the coach whose class you will be joining. Click here to see our class schedule.

BE the person you want to become. Do your best. WIN your future.

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Additional Foundations Details: You will also be given guidelines to proper nutrition, injury prevention and treatment. In order to “graduate” from Foundations to Group class, students must show efficiency in all our movements. If you have never done CrossFit before this will be a requirement. If you do have previous experience you will have the option to test out of the class. If you have previous CrossFit experience, you may test out of this class.