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2014 Success Story: From Coma to CrossFit

  I’ve been fairly fit and lean my whole life and have always engaged in one activity or another, in fits and starts: joining gyms, aerobics, personal training, weights, spinning, yoga. But I would usually get bored or busy and abandon working out for a time, only to come back to it a few months later. It wasn’t until my husband and I finally got a dog that walking at least 30 minutes a day became a habit. In 20
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2014 Success Story: Vihba

CrossFit San Mateo- I can honestly say – is the best part of my day! It is R & R for my mind. It requires me to be focused on keeping good form, and doing my best. It is my entertainment, where else do you get to what your fellow athletes  do the worm?! It leaves no room for  thoughts about work, my busy schedule and life, that occupies me (or everyone for that matter) the rest of the day. However, it was n
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2014 Success Story : Eric and Nathalia

   1.  How did you hear about CFSM? With a wedding in the near future, our plans included finding a solution to get in better physical shape with one another.  One day while sitting at the train station in San Mateo, we noticed a gym on the other side of the tracks.  Activities at the gym included running, weight lifting, and the flipping of what looked to resemble large tractor tires.  We both agreed this looke
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2013 Success Story: “RAZ”

After graduating, my 235 lbs of solid football-playing body mass turned into 235 lbs and up of not-so-solid fat mass. At one point a decade ago I weighed as much as—eeeeeeek!!!!—275 lbs. For most of the past 10-years I’ve fluctuated between 235-245 lbs (with one very short stint around 215 lbs) with about 28-30% body fat. During this time I’ve had two longstanding fitness goals: 1) get down to 15% body fat, and 2) ru
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Staying [LEAN] throughout Halloween

ake a look outside, the days have already began to get shorter. With Halloween in right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you can prep yourself to avoid the sugar rush and diet destruction that awaits you and your family. As of today, Halloween is officially two weeks away, which means some of you already have your candy bowls full and some of you haven’t even bought your child’s costume yet. M
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Lean Turkey Challenge

The Lean Turkey Challenge is our annual fall gym competition. The six week challenge includes a Goal Setting Kickoff meeting, two workouts outside of class, before and after body fat assessments and weekly review of your food log. Each team going up against one another at the Finale.    The cost for the challenge is $100.   Kickoff: 7 p.m. October 4, 2013    Finale: November 16, 2013. **Attendance to the Finale is ma
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Community Workout

Make sure your calendar is marked! This our next COMMUNITY WO  is Saturday October 26th at 10 AM. Bring your family members and a Paleo-ish dish as well will be grilling out after the workout The workouts will be all levels, feel free to bring you family members
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Bay Area Affiliate League Throwdown

Bay Area Affiliate League Throwdown      Here is your opportunity to compete in the sport you already love, CrossFit! Designed for beginners and advanced athletes, the Bay Area Affiliate League Throwdown is an awesome way for newbies to get their feet wet in the sport of CrossFit and advanced athletes to sharpen their skills.CFSM coaches will be competing AND we expect to see as many teams and individuals competing r
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Nutrition Seminar

You know Paleo, now discover what’s next. Having the perfect diet is not about rigid compliance, it is about discovering the diet rules that work best for you and your unique biology. This seminar will cover the basics Paleo and beyond to help you optimize the way you look, feel.   October Nutrition Seminar Tuesday, October 3rd @ 7:00pm FREE for Members and Non-Members Register 
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