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More Than Just A Place..

We employ all sorts of varied non-traditional equipment to make fitness more fun and authentic. All of this, in addition to our traditional training methods of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and gymnastic work prepare athletes for their big quarterly event.

Speaking of quarterly events, we host one big event every quarter that tests each individual physically and mentally as much as it tests each team’s unity and ability to communicate and work together. Quarterly events vary according to season. In the fall, we focus on climbing with beginner and advanced groups taking end trips to Yosemite. In the winter, we focus on snow skiing/boarding and snowshoeing. Spring events consist of mountain biking and trail running. Summer events are local and abroad back country trail hikes, canoeing and running.

A Commitment..

We see athletes of all ages, skills and abilities competing and training, celebrating in the camaraderie of sport and fitness. Everyday athletes push themselves beyond what they thought possible, breaking mental and physical barriers, carrying their success beyond the walls of our gym. People are drenched in sweat, breathing heavily, taxed beyond their physical limit but they are smiling too. They are authentically having fun, cheering on their teammates while knowingly playing a part in a much bigger picture; a community truly interested in being their best in LIFE. Every personal best that is achieved is a lasting change for the better and a true mark of applied hard work and discipline.

A Family..

Each athlete that enters our gym is enrolled into abiding by high standards of movement and nutrition. We all believe in living a well balanced life, nourishing our bodies well, training hard and allowing our bodies to heal. In this regard, our gym is always buzzing with individuals who are interested in helping others. We have doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, physical therapists, moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, students, teachers, and everyone in between that make up a diverse group of dedicated athletes. In this sense, we are more of a “family” than a gym.

Each Coach is more than a motivator. They are leaders, confidants, friends and advisers. The Coach enrolls each athlete in nutrition, injury prevention, treatment and proper technique to ensure each athlete’s maximum success in achieving his or her goals. In the end, each athlete’s achievements are a part of us all.



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